Sebastian Mueller, MD, PhD


Professor of Medicine,

Department of Medicine, 

Salem Medical Center

University of Heidelberg



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Center for Alcohol Research
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Prof. Sebastian Mueller, M.D., Ph.D.

Vice Head. Department of Medicine (Gastroenterology, Hepatology), Salem Medical Center and

Co-Director, Center for Alcohol Research, University of Heidelberg

Zeppelinstraße 11 – 33

69121 Heidelberg, Germany

contact: sebastian.mueller(at)




  • First study world wide to analyze hepatoprotective effect (liver stiffness) of Nalmefene (Selincro®) in patients with alcoholic liver disease (Study No.: 15871A, DELIVER, EudraCT: 2014-000413-31). More information on Nalmefene . Sponsored by Lundbeck. Recruitment till Summer 2015

  • DFG Grant to Vanessa Rausch und Sebastian Mueller, RA 2677/1-1 'Mechanisms of cancerogenic iron accumulation in alcoholic liver disease (ALD)'. Start: Summer 2015

  • Novel funding on non-invasive assessment of liver iron by room-temperature susceptometry by the Dietmar-Hopp Foundation. Starting late 2015.

  • Webinar in 11th MAy 2016 in Paris on alcoholic liver disease and non-invasive fibrosis screening (Youtube link 60 min)

  • Novel DFG Grant to Sebastian Mueller, MU 1373/9-1 on a fundamentally novel concept of liver cirrhosis (Mechanisms of sinusoidal pressure-induced liver fibrosis). Start January 2017. for information see also here or recent presentation 


Welcome to our Research Homepage!  


Our research group is located both at the Department of Medicine at  Salem Medical Center and the Center for Alcohol Research at the University of Heidelberg. The basic research facilities are located at the Theoretikum of the University of Heidelberg. 



Im Neuenheimer Feld 365 1. OG

69120 Heidelberg


and Otto Meyerhof Zentrum


Our long term goals are 

  • to better understand underlying molecular mechanisms of liver diseases

  • to improve diagnosis and therapy of liver diseases 


Actual translational research topics focus on 

  • liver diseases

  • alcoholic liver disease

  • cancer (hepatocellular and colorectal cancer)

  • non-invasive diagnosis of liver fibrosis

  • fatty liver and steatohepatitis

  • iron overload disorders

  • liver stiffness 

Actual basic research topics are related to

  • molecular mechanisms of oxidative stress 

  • redox-regulation

  • detection of reactive oxygen species

  • novel models for oxidative stress and hypoxia

  • inflammation and iron homeastasis 

  • mechanisms of alcohol-mediated cancerogenesis

  • biomechanics and extracellular matrix (fibrosis and cirrhosis)

Our work is presently funded by the DFG, NIH, the Dietmar-Hopp Foundation and the Manfred-Lautenschläger Foundation.






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