Sebastian Mueller, MD, PhD


Professor of Medicine,

CAR, University of Heidelberg 


VISCERA AG Bauchmedizin Bern 


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The Center for Alcohol Research (CAR) is located at the Otto Meyerhof Center of the University of Heidelberg. Major goals are to better understand disease-mechanisms of chronic alcohol consumption, namely alcoholic liver disease and cancer. The CAR team consists of physicians, scientists, technicians and study nurses. CAR is headed by Sebastian Mueller (Director).




                     S. Mueller (direction)



Actual translational research topics focus on 

Actual basic research topics are related to


Center Team







Sandra Schramm

Study coordinator

Dipl. Phys. Mueller

Statistics/Physics/IT/Iron studies




Study doctors:

Dr. Raisi, clinical fellow, Iron group



Ongoing clinical studies:


1. Non-invasive diagnosis of liver steatosis by CAP

2. Non-invasive diagnosis of liver cirrhosis

3. Non-invasive diagnosis of liver iron overload by susceptometry

4. Alcohol and cancer (breast, colon cancer etc.)




Former team members:



Dr. Sollors Dr. Sellinger Dr. Fluhr



Vanessa Rausch, PhD

Group leader, Molecular biology


Julia Mutzek 

Study coordination


Antje Hagedorn-Dambuk

Study coordinationHagedorn-Dambuk Antje







Sandra Schramm

Study coordinator





Past AMG studies


  1.  Hepatoprotective effects of Nalmefene, DELIVER  (PI: Mueller, S.)

  2. CALVADOS study. Hepatoprotective alcohol detoxification with chlromethiazole (PI: Seitz, H.K., Ko-PI: Mueller, S.)